Robust in vivo expression after injection of Nanotaxi®/mRNA



(Top) Luciferase expression in muscle after injection of Nanotaxi®/mRNA. Luciferase was observed by bioimaging at day 1. (Bottom) Modulation of the hematocrit level in mice intramuscularly injected with Nanotaxi®/mRNA over a period of 6 months. At day 0 and 42, mice received treatment#1 and #2 consisting of 2 successive injections with one week interval of mRNA encoding murine EPO (mEPO) either naked (open triangles) or formulated with Nanotaxi®1 (solid squares) or Nanotaxi®2 (solid circles). At day 100 and 134, mice received respectively treatment#3 consisting of mEPO mRNA either naked or formulated with Nanotaxi®1 or Nanotaxi®2, and treatment#4 consisting of mEPO mRNA formulated with Nanotaxi®1. As control, mice were also uninjected (open squares). Dotted lines represent the fluctuation of the physiological hematocrit level. Cat #: L-6107, L-6118.

Data courtesy of In-Cell-Art.